Tuesday, March 24

(not sleepy) Hollow SF

After a morning run at the beach, a friend and I stopped in to Hollow-- a two-month young coffee spot and browser’s paradise that's the creation of interior designer, Dawn La Montagne.

In addition to serving up a mean cup o’ Ritual coffee, sweets from Edna’s and truffles by her chocolatier friend, Jessica Foster, Dawn offers a full, eye-candy collection of curios for the purchasing. The price tags and labels made from torn pieces of handmade paper and tied with twine, are an integral part of Hollow's charm.

I love that the baked goods are stored in the same kind of jars I raided on visits to my grandmother's house. I became instantly fond of the pecan crisps, which are like a sophisticated rendition of the graham cracker for adults. And the dark chocolate truffle made with pomegranate molasses was an unexpectedly harmonious flavor combo. For anyone who believes coffee, chocolate and sugar are the three basic food groups, Hollow serves up a mighty fine breakfast of champions!

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  1. Hi Katie! I found your blog via a link from redthread. You are so truly fortunate to be based in San Francisco. Although I live in Asheville, NC and love it here, SF is my favorite city in the U.S.. I was out there last April visiting friends (and eating with abandon!) and again in August for the Slow Food symposium. I love reading your food suggestions and can't wait to head back to the City By the Bay to try them out! Rose's Cafe at Union and Steiner is one of my SF favorites, as is the pesto at Cafe Sport.