Friday, September 10


Fremont Diner is a gem of a find tucked on the side of Carneros Hwy between Sonoma and Napa. It's a perfect roadside stop up in wine country, open for breakfast and lunch - 7 days a week.

Before being lovingly renovated, I zoomed passed this roadside shack a hundred times without stopping....and almost bypassed it accidentally when I went looking for it. It's a joy-filled place that feels like you've stepped back in time.

The menu board changes with the daily availability of ingredients and may seem a little intimidating at first glance -- mostly because it's filled with so many delectable options. The entrance area is chock-full of childhood edible road-trip memorabilia (Abba-Zaba anyone?).

Every little detail is tended to...(okay, so maybe the cash register doesn't count...)

The kitchen is open to the dining room and, should your lil' ole heart desire, you can pull up a stool and sit ringside right at the counter. As you can see, while it may be a diner, it's far from being a greasy spoon (or 'greezy' as my grandma used to say).

They sell their own seasonal preserves and such, like these pickled cherries seasoned with bay, chili and cinnamon.

And for any of you looking for a good source of freshly rendered lard, this is your spot!

The menu offerings I tried were are homey renditions of comfort food. And with the high quality local, sustainable, small farm ingredients, you can be certain your to-die-for pulled pork sandwich is made up of only the best stuff. I haven't yet made it in for breakfast, but from what I can judge, I just might be dodging an addiction. Seriously...biscuits & gravy, grits, hash, donuts...need I say more?

(How sweet is that pitcher....!?!)

Nothing makes me happier in the middle of a foggy San Francisco summer, than finding a place to be outside in the warmth of Sonoma. Here you can sit outside at one of the aqua painted picnic tables and enjoy your grub roadside -- whichever direction you're headed.

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  1. Looks like a road trip to Sonoma is in order. Or is the Diner in Fremont? I'm so confused. Just kidding. It's the Sonoma Diner in Fremont, right? Thanks again Katie. This is just like that Bay Area back roads tv show or "Where in the World Is Cermen San Diego," but this blog focuses solely on what's most important: where to go to get good food.