Sunday, April 19

Camino Royale

I've never seriously contemplated living in the East Bay, but for the first time I thought I could actually consider it if I were able to live around the corner from Camino.

For awhile now, I've been drawn to smaller dining venues, but the wide open space at Camino won me over with its stunning simplicity and the incredible attention to detail. Absolutely everything here is done with an artful eye, including the kitchen--which is open to the dining room.

Everywhere I looked--from the bar at the front to the kitchen at the back --there were large bowls and platters of gorgeous produce, beautifully arranged. To me, it was the best testament to the food I was about to be served, which was perfectly executed, simply and enticingly plated and phenomenally delicious. Honestly, after surveying the room and seeing the concise, brief and perfectly seasonal menu, they had me. That they had a cardoon salad, just punctuated my instant infatuation with an exclamation mark!

Then there's this egg stand at the kitchen station which knocked me out.

The bread station was stylishly stacked on a lovely antique sideboard.

and came to the table on gorgeous wooden boards (extra points for the epis!)

Our entire group felt welcome and well cared for from beginning to end and found every member of the staff reflecting the same friendly and welcoming air as Allison, one of the owners, who was there and greeted us with a welcoming smile (and wonderful sense of humor).


  1. it was a wonderful and memorable meal. Yummy.

  2. thanks for pointing out the slab wood bread boards, such a great idea...

  3. The display looks lovely. On the next trip up to the Bay area.