Sunday, April 12

Spring Ski-eat-ing

After hearing Utah ski resorts had gotten something like 14’ of snow in 14 days, I decided to take advantage of a day off and booked a flight for a long weekend of skiing. Some friends were kind enough to share extra ski passes to Deer Valley, so I’ve spent the past couple days enjoying the gorgeous weather and some fairly decent, end-of-season Spring skiing.

I’m used to getting my ski on around Tahoe which has some nice facilities, but doesn’t quite hit the same high note as I’ve experienced here at Deer Valley. For example, for lunch the first day I was served this lovely king crab tower at The Mariposa. It was beautifully plated and hit every tastebud just right. The wine list also offered a good selection by the glass (I do believe in drinking responsibly). It felt so civilized to sit at a table with non-disposable utensils, cloth napkins and to be served by friendly and professional staff. There’s certainly a bit of a premium one pays in dining here, but surprisingly, the tab was only a few bills more than I typically fork over for a tepid bowl of mediocre soup, a dehydrated salad and bottle of water that I cart myself on a plastic cafeteria tray to a formica table. Who knows the reason behind it (my hunch is, well, age), but I’m finding the days of packing my lunch and skiing from opening chair to closing run just don’t hold the same charm and appeal.

Happy Easter

After helping a friend play Easter Bunny last night, I hopped out of bed this morning to another glorious day on the slopes. A couple inches of powder overnight and just enough chill to keep it crisp til the afternoon made for a perfect last day of the season.

After wading past these tables set for a private Easter party, my friends and I parked ourselves on the deck of Stein Eriksen Lodge for lunch.

I couldn’t pass up trying the wagu corned beef and Emental cheese sandwich. I'd never had a wagu corned beef and had pretty high expectations. I have to say, those expectations were not only met, but exceeded. The meat just melted in my mouth, the pairing with Emental was fan-tastic and the spiraled rye was a very nice touch. That sammie served with hand cut fries (and a cloth napkin, once again) was just my kinda ski lodge lunch to linger over on a sunny Spring day.

One friend in our group was nursing the aftermath of the previous night’s celebrations and ordered a bloody beer [for the uninitiated (a group I belonged to until today), its a mixture of half tomato juice and half beer]. I don't really dig tomato juice, so it’s not something that would even cross my mind to order. But the color was absolutely stunning.

All around it was a stellar day. Happy Easter, Everyone!

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  1. Sounds like a lovely trip. Don't know that I'll venture to try the Bloody Beer, but it's always nice to stay abreast of things happening in the beverage world!