Thursday, July 2

Food, Glorious Food (Inc.)

This film is a beautiful thing! Not the reality of our industrialized food system, to be sure, but the efforts of Director Robert Kenner and Michael Pollan, our most eloquent advocate for establishing a safe and sustainable food system. I've been doing my best to help spread the word for many, many years and am just so happy and thankful there's finally a mainstream film to broadcast the tale (and hopefully reassure my friends and family that I'm not a total nutcase).

Before going to see Food, Inc. last night, my friends and I had dinner at Cafe Gratitude. For any of you who know the place and its amazingly delicious (and healthful) food, you know the 'question of the day' can sometimes be, 'What are you grateful for?' Today, I am especially grateful to live in an area with so many wonderful farmer's markets filled with plentiful, sustainably grown food. I'm also grateful that so many talented, creative people are making wonderful products using produce and meats grown and raised by these dedicated farmers. Living in San Francisco, it's easy and convenient for me to make good food choices. It's my hope that we can all work toward the day when we may all share these same choices.


  1. this is a MUST see movie for everyone (that eats). we all have to start to make the right choices and request locally grown, organic, wholesome & responsible foods at the grocery stores!