Wednesday, February 16


At the moment, I'm wrapped up in thoughts of cocktails and caftans as I prepare for a 70's cocktail party photo shoot. I figured what better place than Thermidor to spark inspiration.

If you were around in the 70's, Thermidor is not only a big slice of nostalgia, it's got that wonderfully sleek style that makes a girl want to slip on her Pucci caftan....

sip cocktails...

...and nibble into the night on things like chips and caviar with crème fraîche and smoked trout,

pommes dauphine with lobster butter,

braised oxtail croquettes with horseradish cream & chives.

Moving on to a perfectly pan crisped sole almandine with fresh gnocchi bathed in a prosecco-almond sauce.

Let us not forget the eponymous Parker House roll with just the right amount of sea salt.

There's nothing like butter fried cake with crème fraîche ice cream and a berry coulis for dessert.

Absolutely everything was delicious, down to the tiny, lemony madeleines that came with the tab.


  1. oh I rmemeber this meal! You described it so well, my mouth watered and now I need to go BACK!!

  2. K, I know!! It was great, wasn't it? I wonder myself why I haven't been back.