Tuesday, August 2

Sage Provisions

Have you ever found yourself near the junction of Arnold Drive and Carneros Hwy, on the border of Sonoma and Napa valleys, unable to make a decision which wines to explore cuz your belly is rumbling?

Next time, you just might want to stop in to grab a bite at Sage Fine Food & Provisions in the heart of Cornerstone (that place with the big, exaggerated, undulating white picket fence).

They've got something for just about everyone [in case you have a car full of disparate palates]. In my many varied and numerous samplings over time, it's been consistently fresh, flavorful and satisfying.

Everything from gorgeous beet and greek salads

to Italian roasted chicken

to marinated grilled veggies

to noodles

and a wide variety of sweet treats. **Tip for chocoholics dining al fresco: If it's one of those gloriously heat-filled wine country days and you have a hankering to try their chocolate truffles, enjoy the truffles as a first course, before the sun gets 'em [this tip comes to you courtesy of personal experience].

There's also indoor seating with abundant a/c for those not seeking to defrost themselves from the chill of San Francisco's summer.

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