Wednesday, July 21


There's a new artisanal creamery down in Dogpatch (San Francisco, that is). The two pastry chef owners, Ian Flores and Annabelle Topacio, are the couple behind the recently opened Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous. After roaming the pastry kitchens of the great Sherry Yard in LA and Maui and baking across the bay at one of my fav bread bakeries [Firebrand], I count us lucky they decided to open shop in SF!

I became a fan on my first visit. Everything about the place is home spun and leaves me feeling good about my ice cream experience. Seriously, how could you not fall for a place with a sign like this hanging on the door?

They make their own delicious, caramelized and crispy cones and the generous scoops of Mexican coffee and Earl Grey flavors I've had (so far), prove these kids know how to make a full-flavored base and spin it just right.

Flavors rotate by season and inspiration. There's lots of creativity and care in the flavor profiles but nothing outrageous here. The high quality ingredients are principally organic (with chocolate being the main exception). It feels like the modern version of an old school mom n' pop shop.

I've got a fondness for peanut brittle (my mom made some killer brittle back in the day). And you know me and my love of packaging....I'm all about these simple, hand written labels on canning jars filled with homemade brittle.

There are bits of nostalgia all around....does anyone else remember the days when glass milk bottles like these were delivered to the steps outside the kitchen door? (Please say yes!)

I dig the's airy and open in a way that invites community -- the way ice creams parlors should. It's a great place to meet up with a bunch of friends and walk away with a good ol' fashioned ice cream high.

And you can walk away also feeling good about your experience being a little lighter on the planet.


  1. i can't wait to pay this place a visit! i adore small ice cream shops, and this is just in time for our indian summer.

  2. YOU ARE KILLING ME, HERE! Stop! You know how that plays on my sensitive ice cream snob. I am coming to town in two weeks, so I demand you show me where this is, or better yet, we need to go together.

  3. I just had the almond chip, malt chocolate and corn w/ caramel today! yum

  4. Aren't they great? I can go there everyday...

  5. Well that sucks for my diet..and how I love peanut brittle!!

  6. These are the types of snacks that are worth the consequences!

  7. Spencers: You're on!
    Harumi: Thankfully, I'm not there every day, or I would too.
    Mel: Mine, too (and me too!)
    Traysea: I couldn't agree more!

  8. oh my goodness, I'm so excited to hit this place up! Thanks for the post!

  9. i can't wait to hopefully attend next week's social!
    I wonder if they offer a lactose-friendly variety?